Climate Computer (Sirius-CLS)

Climate Computer (Sirius-CLS)


Sirius-CL is a poultry ventilation computer.

It can used in any Poultry House 
  • Broiler
  • Free Range Egg Production
  • Commercial Egg
  • Pullet Rearing
  • Turkeys
It controls minimum ventilation using either:
  • Stage/Step Ventilation
  • Proportional/Variable Speed Ventilation

The further Stages/Steps are switch-on in a sequence as the temperature increases.

Negative pressure :

  • it is possible to control the air inlet by making use of a negative pressure sensor.

Heating and Cooling :

The heating and cooling system is controlled by turning ON.OFF relay contact.  If you install an air humidity sensor, the cooling can be switched off when the relative air humidity becomes too high. 


The Sirius-CL has extra timers, which can be used for controlling feeding, water or lighting system.


At the same time, food and water consumption can be recorded on the Sirius-CL because the controller includes pulse inputs for a mechanical feed scale, silo scale or for water counters.


The control communicates with clear language independent symbols that immediately make sense to the user.

Age Curves

The controller can if required work with curves.  what this means is that the desired temperature is automatically adjusted to the age of the animals.




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