Hot Water Vertical (HHW)

Hot Water Vertical (HHW)

Heating unit with hot water radiator and ventilator with adjustable air distribution plate.

The heater is designed to be connected to a hot water boiler system with a supply temperature of 90 degrees C. 

During the summer period the unit can be used for cooling as well.


  • Output  50KW or 70KW  at a water supply temperature of 90°C (ambient temperature of 35 degreesC)
  • Radiator made of copper and aluminium with a heresite coating.
  • Plate distance 6 mm.
  • Tube and air output part made of chromium steel.
  • Optimum air output and minimum noise production.
  • Air inflow ring at the ventilator.
  • Air flow is adjustable.


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