Free Range Computers

Free Range Computers

Our controls are specifically developed for poultry houses with laying hens in free range nests or avaries.  The controls can look after your ventilation, feeding (silo weighing & batch weighing), water, lighting programmes, pop-hole door opening and egg counting.  The controls can be remotely managed via your SmartPhone of Office PC

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Climate Computer (Sirius-CLS)

Sirius-CL is a poultry ventilation computer.


Free Range (Orion-PS)

Orion-PL is designed for Laying Hens in Free Range Nest or Aviary Systems.



Silo Weigh (Sirius-SWS)


The SIRIUS-SWS is a feed and water registation and management computer. .


Bird Weigh (Sirius-DWS)


The Sirius-DWS is a weighing computer to perform bird weighing in a poultry unit.   The weighing can be carried out by one or two bird weighing scales located in different locations of the unit.


Alarm unit (ACA-1N)


The ACA-1N is an alarm device with a single alarm input,.


Alarm Unit (ACA-10N)


The ACA-10N is an alarm device with 10 alarm inputs.


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