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About Us

Agricultural Equipment Solutions

PW Maines Limited are well known for our knowledge in Poultry Farming and Equipment Installations.  We offer a turnkey solution consisting of Design, Installation and Services.

The solutions we design for you are Innovative, Market Leading and Robust.  We are proud distributors of the Global Manufacturers introduced below.   We work closely with the manufactureres to ensure your installed solution meets the latest standards.


Hotraco Agri

Hotraco specialise in Pig, Poultry and Horticulture Control Equipment.  They have a number of solutions that that act as the central control for a unit. The control picks up information on the Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Ammonia levels and make the  fans, air inlets, heaters act accordingly.  The Controllers measure and control feed and water usage.  Any unusual patterns can be highlighted by setting thresholds and can be alerted to the producer. The Hotraco Computers can be accessed via the internet or your mobile phone.  Management Software is available to enable effective data collection and trouble shooting.


Holland Heater

Holland Heater specialise in the manufacturer of Pig, Poultry and Horticulture Heaters and Circulation fans.  They offer a number of solutions from the following heat sources -  hot water, gas or oil.  The customer has the choice of indirect or direct combustion solutions.


LB White

LB White specialise in the manufacture of LPG and Natural Gas "Box" Heaters.  

PW Maines Limited offer a full range of parts for Mainland UK Dispatch



Plettenburg specialise in the manufacturer of bespoke heat exchanger and manure drying systems for Poultry production.  The bespoke element is the unique factor of the solution as each heat exchanger is made to measure and offers up to 96% heat exchange and between 50% - 55% reduction in heating costs.  The heat exchange chamber is designed to take hot water coil radiators, the heat coils are designed to be linked to your Biomass or Boiler heating systems.   Plettenburg have designed a unique air delivery method  that guarantees precise fresh air delivery.

Plettenburg specialise in the manufacture of manure drying systems



Symaga specialise in the design and manufacture of Feed and Drinker systems for Pig and Poultry Production. 

The prime Broiler Feeder Brand is known as the PALstar and M80 brand.

Symaga also produce feeders and drinkers for Turkey production.  The pan feeder system has interchangeable elements that allows the feeder to operate as a rearing feeder and an adult male and female feeder



Collinson manufacturers a rangeof Agricultural Silo and Auger delivery systems.