Poultry Computers

Poultry Computers

Our controls have been specifically desinged  for Commercial Egg Laying Farms with Enriched Colony Egg production.  We can monitor feed, water and egg production per row and level, helping you micro-manage and ensure maximum egg productivity at all levels of the Enriched Colony. 

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Climate Computer (Sirius-CLS)

Sirius-CL is a poultry ventilation computer.


Silo Weigh (Sirius-SWS)


The SIRIUS-SWS is a feed and water registation and management computer. .


Alarm unit (ACA-1N)


The ACA-1N is an alarm device with a single alarm input,.


Alarm Unit (ACA-10N)


The ACA-10N is an alarm device with 10 alarm inputs.


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